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Sep 18

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God put it on Pastor Barak's heart to do a Kingdom Awareness challenge in which participants have 24 hours to do a special act of kindness, showing God's Love for someone who is not actively following Christ. Something that you don't normally do. Maybe bake something or cook a meal for someone, pray over it and bless them with it. Maybe send someone a kind card that shows Christian love. Whatever and whoever God puts on your heart.

1. Pray for God to send laborers into the harvest field.

2. Ask God who He wants you to bless & what He wants you to do to bless them. Follow His instructions even if it takes you out of your comfort zone.

3. Do it within 24 hours 

4. Record a video of you explaining what you did to show Christian kindness & bring Kingdom Awareness (but do not name the person you blessed that is not following Christ). 

5. Challenge 3 other followers of Christ, outside of Oasis, to show the love of God by doing an act of kindness.

6. Those who complete the challenge then give $10 to their church. Those who do not complete it give $100 to the church.

Have fun and be a blessing to someone!

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