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Sep 18

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Bitter Root Judgements

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Heart of Father God

As I have studied over the years of who God is and what He is like i have come to a conclusion that God functions in Character. In other words, He has qualities that stand out that help identify Him.  Now not like He does miracles, or He is all powerful but qualities that are set Him apart as God.  He does do miracles and He is all powerful, but I am looking at things like generous. That is a great character trait.  God is generous and blesses people all the time.  He is loving. God demonstrates His love to the world all the time. 

Now I bring up the character traits that God functions in to show us that as His children we need to function in Godly Character also. This summer our youth group is working on Godly Character traits. How do people know you? That is the question. If your answer is negative then it will take time, pray and effort to change those traits. God is patient as you change. 

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