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Welcome to OASIS




The OASIS Board is proud to announce that Steven Crawford has joined our team as an OASIS consultant!  As most of you know, Mr. Crawford has served Oklahoma schools as a long time superintendent and as Executive Director of CCOSA.  His years of working with Impact Aid make him an invaluable resource for all OASIS member districts.  He will not only join members visiting legislators in Washington during the NAFIS conference and attending other national Impact Aid conferences to advocate for Oklahoma funding, he will serve as a resource for members by providing assistance and training. Watch our website and emails for more information or email him any time.  Steven Crawford's email.

At the OASIS conference there was much discussion about the IPP, which is not required for districts that receive a waiver from tribes, but about which many of you need clarification.  Below are links to three samples for those of you who need additional assistance.  The OASIS sample I developed using Anadarko's approved IPP as an example.  The USDE sample comes for Kristen Walls, the expert who provided our webinar at the conference, and the FISEF,  Federally Impacted Schools Education Foundation, sample was provided at the workshop in OKC on January 4-5.  All three samples are designed to assist districts in developing their district-specific IPP and districts must document that they have complied with each component of the IPP submitted with their application.  If you have questions or need additional assistance with your IPP, please contact me.  Billie Jordan's email.


OASIS Sample Oklahoma IPP
USDE Sample Oklahoma IPP
Annual IPP Screening Checklist

Applications are due January 31, 2018.  Districts receiving funds for children who reside on Indian lands that do not receive a tribal waiver, must submit an Indian Policies and Procedures (IPP) with their applications.  

Clarification: The tribes role in the IPP comes in the form of consultation.  The tribe should be involved in the development of the IPPs as well as the educational program.  However, these are school board policies.  They do not need to get tribal approval (no signature from the tribe is required).  The LEA needs to have them passed by the school board.  The agenda for the school board meeting would simply state “Indian Policies and Procedures Adoption Consideration and Vote” or something to that effect.

eApplications link:

The Impact Aid electronic applications (eApplications) for both section 7002 and 7003 are now available on‑line at www.G5.gov.  You will find a full set of application instructions and other documents posted within your eApplication package.  We urge you to start working with your application well before the due date.  Do not wait until the last minute to submit your application and signature pages.  Each year, some applicants submit their applications late after waiting too long to begin the process, incurring the 10 percent payment reduction penalty.  Don't let this happen to you.

If your local educational agency (LEA) receives Impact Aid funds under both sections of the law, you must complete and submit both applications.

Submit Your Complete Application before the Deadline

The deadline for application submission is 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

A complete application contains all required eApplication forms submitted on‑line in G5, plus signed copies of the cover page and assurances.  

You application must be complete and timely.  The signature pages must be signed and dated on or before January 31, 2018, to be considered complete and submitted by the deadline to be timely filed.  There is no grace period to complete the application after the deadline. 

Submit Your Signature Pages

There are three methods to submit your signature pages by the due date.  Please use only one of the three methods.

1) Upload your signed cover page and assurances into the eApplication and submit these signed documents through G5.  A user guide for this procedure is posted with the instructions.

2) Email a scanned copy of the pages to Impact.Aid@ed.gov with a read-receipt request to receive proof of submission.

3) Fax the pages to 1‑866‑799‑1272 and keep your fax email confirmation as proof of submission.

Incomplete applications are late.  If you submit an incomplete application before the deadline or a complete application after the deadline, your payment will be reduced by 10 percent of the total payment.  If you do not submit a complete application with all required forms and signatures within 60 days of the deadline, April 1, 2018, your application will be ineligible and you will receive no payment for FY 2019.

Register and Find the Impact Aid eApplication in www.g5.gov

The electronic application is posted in the Department of Education’s G5 grants management system, www.G5.gov.  If you have not previously registered for G5, you must create a G5 username and password to access your FY 2019 application.  Register immediately, even if you are not ready to start working with your application.



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Billie Jordan, Executive Director

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Welcome to OASIS, an organization serving Oklahoma public schools that receive federal Impact Aid funds.  OASIS is a resource for those districts, providing information, partnering with other state and national organizations with a shared mission, and communicating with legislators in Washington to ensure that funding continues.

Districts receive Impact Aid funds to offset the loss of property taxes to the district, due to having federal property within the district that does not pay ad-valorem tax, or parents who work on federal land.

While Impact Aid has never been fully funded by the Federal government, districts receive a portion of what would otherwise be taxed on lands owned by federal entities such as military bases, Indian land, and in some cases national parks and Corp of Engineer land.

Oklahoma has more school districts receiving Impact Aid funds than any other state and it is vital that these funds continue to provide the services that our children deserve. 

If you have questions, would like more information about OASIS activities or membership, contact Executive Director Billie Jordan.