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The Latest in Impact Aid from the Nation's Capital

June 28, 2019


  • NAFIS Staff Attend FLISA, MISA Summer Meetings
  • NAFIS Connects with Impacted Schools in Oklahoma
  • Survey Shows U.S. Teachers Satisfied With Jobs But Don't Feel Valued
  • Request for Videos: Showcase Your District at the NAFIS Fall Conference
  • FISEF Update: Registration for DC Workshop Now Open; Sign Up Soon for CA, NC & NM


NAFIS Staff Attend FLISA, MISA Summer Meetings


On June 22, the Federal Lands Impacted Schools Association (FLISA, a NAFIS subgroup) held their annual summer meeting in Custer, SD. NAFIS Executive Director Hilary Goldmann attended and spoke, highlighting recent NAFIS research to better understand the types of federal impaction at Section 7002 Federal Property school districts. She reported that 60 7002 school districts have 25% or more nontaxable federal land in their districts and that there are four main types of impaction:

  • Military (34 school districts)
  • Dam/reservoir (60)
  • Forest/grassland/refuge/etc. (31)
  • Other (6)

Goldmann then headed to San Diego for the Military Impacted Schools Association (MISA, another NAFIS subgroup) summer meeting, where she was joined by NAFIS Director of Policy & Advocacy Leslie Finnan. That meeting included a visit to Naval Base Coronado, the largest command in the southwest region of the U.S. Attendees took a boat tour of the San Diego harbor, examined helicopters and heard from several sailors and Naval officers. Goldmann and Finnan both appreciated learning about the complexities of running such a large and urban base.

The MISA meeting also included updates from NAFIS and other partners. One moving moment was a reading of “Home of the Brave,” a play produced and performed for elementary schools throughout the region that tells the stories of military-connected children. NAFIS staff appreciated the opportunity to learn, participate and connect with members.


Goldmann presenting at FLISA summer meeting


Finnan (to left) and Goldmann on Naval Base Coronado



NAFIS Connects With Impacted Schools in Oklahoma


NAFIS Communications Director Anne O'Brien was in Oklahoma this week, attending a U.S. Department of Education Impact Aid workshop and speaking at an Oklahoma Schools Advisory Council (OSAC) training for school business officials.

The Department's workshop, which was hosted by OASIS (Oklahoma Association Serving Impacted Schools), included a preview of the new Impact Aid application that is scheduled to go live this fall. While applicants will need to make some adjustments, the new system will ultimately be more user-friendly than the current one. NAFIS will continue to work with the Department to disseminate information on the new system as it is available. Sign up for the Department's email listserv to get updates and other Impact Aid-related information directly from them.

While in Oklahoma, O'Brien also visited Tahlequah Public Schools. There she learned how the district braids funds from a variety of sources - including Impact Aid - and partners with the Cherokee Nation to both support the basic needs of students and ensure that each has access to the opportunities needed to maximize their full potential.

"It was inspiring to hear the lengths to which staff go to make sure that all students can come to school ready to learn," said O'Brien of the visit. "I was also so impressed to see some of the district's summer programs in action. Watching elementary students prepare for a creative arts showcase; observing STEM camp students presenting business ideas Shark Tank-style; and hearing how a camp for migrant students is developing cooking skills and nutritional knowledge reminds me of the wide range of responsibilities that schools have in preparing students for success. It also reinforces the importance of Impact Aid - unrestricted funds that districts can use to meet whatever needs are present in their local community."


O'Brien at Tahlequah school district headquarters





Survey Shows U.S. Teachers Satisfied With Jobs But Don't Feel Valued


The 2018 Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) was released last week, detailing the working conditions and professional practices of teachers and principals in 49 education systems, including the United States.

Over 2,500 seventh, eighth and ninth grade U.S. teachers, along with 165 principals, responded to the survey, with 90% reporting that they are satisfied with their jobs (which matches the international average). However, only 36% believe that society values the teaching profession - above the international average, but much lower than teachers in some of the world's high-performing education systems, including Finland and Shanghai.

Also of interest: American teachers work longer hours than their international peers. Teachers in the U.S. work 46 hours per week, more than the survey average of 38. They spend 28 of those hours teaching students (rather than engaging in professional development or administrative work), compared to the international average of 20 hours.


Learn More



How does your school district use Impact Aid? Show the NAFIS Family at the 2019 Fall Conference.

NAFIS is seeking three school districts to each create a three-minute video highlighting how they spend Impact Aid funds and what they have achieved as a result. These videos (which in the past have often been student-led projects) will be shown during the general sessions at the Fall Conference, September 22-24. They will also be featured on the NAFIS website and social media channels, and they will be used to educate Congress and the public on the importance of Impact Aid.

To participate, districts must have at least one representative attending the conference and willing to introduce the video at a general session. Videos must be submitted electronically as an MP4 in advance of the conference.

If you would like to see past videos, visit our Faces of Impact Aid webpage.

If your school district would like to volunteer, contact Anne O’Brien at anne@nafisdc.orgfor additional information.


Register for the Conference










About FISEF Workshops

Federally Impacted Schools Educational Foundation (FISEF) technical assistance workshops offer an important opportunity for school business officials and others who work on Impact Aid to strengthen their skills and build their knowledge.

These workshops are appropriate for those new to their role with the Impact Aid program as well as Impact Aid veterans looking to maximize their payments. Topics to be covered include identifying eligible students, understanding LOT, reading a school district voucher, estimating payments and much more.

Said one participant of a recent FISEF workshop, "Very beneficial. Provides human and technical resources that will be invaluable. It's my second time taking the workshop, and I learned even more."




Upcoming FISEF Workshops


Los Alamitos, California

July 25-26, 2019



FEW SPOTS REMAIN! With the help of the California Association of Federally Impacted Schools (CAFIS), FISEF is going to Los Alamitos, CA, July 25-26. Conveniently located less than five miles from Long Beach Airport and about an hour from Los Angeles International Airport, the workshop can be easily accessed by both California school districts and other interested attendees.


Fort Bragg, North Carolina

August 8-9, 2019



FISEF will head to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, this August to lead a workshop on a military installation for the first time. If you are planning to fly in, consider Fayetteville Regional Airport (a half hour away) or Raleigh-Durham International Airport (about an hour and a half drive).


Albuquerque, New Mexico

August 26-27, 2019




FISEF is pleased to bring its lauded technical assistance workshop to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we will be meeting at the Albuquerque Public Schools central office building. Traveling to the city is easy by both road and air - it is located at the junction of several major highways, and its international airport hosts most major airlines.


Washington, DC

September 21, 2019



NEW ONE-DAY WORKSHOP! Immediately preceding the 2019 NAFIS Fall Conference in Washington, DC, FISEF will be hosting a one-day workshop. It will cover most of the same material as our two-day workshop, at a slightly faster pace. It's a perfect option for those already traveling to DC who also want in-depth technical assistance.


Phoenix, AZ

October 14-15, 2019



FISEF will return to Phoenix this fall, thanks to the support of the Arizona State Impact Aid Association. One of our most popular workshop locations, the city is a gathering point for Arizona school districts receiving Impact Aid, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is one of the nation's largest, making it easy to fly in.



Can't make these? Registration opens soon for Las Vegas, NV (December 7-8).

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